SmudgeGuard Two-Finger Glove

Item Code: S1025


S1024. SmudgeGuard Two-Finger Glove

This glove acts as a moveable guard sheet to prevent moisture and/or oils of your hand from causing your paper to bleed or the ink to skip. It covers the part of your hand that rests on the writing surface, but leaves the other fingers uncovered for dexterity. Left-handers in particular will appreciate that it helps prevent getting ink and pencil smudges on their hand.

The nylon and spandex material of the glove is breathable, flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. The glove is washable by hand and should be air dried.

One glove is included, and it can fit on either hand.

Sizes Available: (measure across knuckles)
SMALL - 2 5/8" to 3 1/16" (6.7 to 7.8 cm)
MEDIUM - 3 1/16" to 3 7/16" (7.8 to 8.8 cm)
LARGE - 3 7/16" to 3 13/16" (8.8 to 9.8 cm)

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