Speedball Textbook 25th Edition

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B4346. The Speedball Textbook 25th Edition. 2021. 120pp. 5.5"x8.25". Spiralbound

This new edition features a lay-flat spiral binding, pages of instruction and alphabets (medieval to modern), and inspiring examples of calligraphy in use.

Co-editors Suzanne Cunningham, Sachin Shah, and Carl Rohrs worked tirelessly to create a manual that preserves the historical elements but includes the modern technical influences that are so visible in today's scripts. The result is a 120-page book featuring new exemplars, new insight, and previously unseen works from any one of over 75 world-class contributing artists, making it among the very best editions of this time-honored book. This has always been a must-buy book for broad-edge calligraphers, from beginner through advanced. The new 25-page section on the pointed pen expands its appeal. The Speedball Textbook was first published in 1915.

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Beautiful Text
Sep 29, 2021  |  By Elaine
This new edition is beautiful! I love the new format and the returning lay-flat style. I'm also thrilled that they added a section on pointed pen. Delightful!

Speedball Textbook
Oct 22, 2021  |  By Barbara
This newest edition is superb! I like that the focus is on contemporary calligraphy...and the 21-page section on pointed pen is a great addition.

Nov 4, 2021  |  By Karen
I'm amazed at all the incredible works shown in the book. The Speedball Textbook was my first lettering book back in the 1970s.

Nov 4, 2021  |  By Peter
This new Speedball textbook is full, fabulous, and definitely for everyone! Many congratulations to Carl Rohrs, Suzanne Cunningham, and Sachin Shah for producing a book of such a great quality and varied look at our kaleidoscopic world of letters.

Nov 4, 2021  |  By Patte
Mine has arrived! I'm amazed. The editors did a fabulous job.

Nov 4, 2021  |  By Margo
The Speedball Textbook and Speedball calligraphy nibs are a great way to start out very affordably.

speedball textbook
Jan 31, 2022  |  By CHRISTINE AMARAL
The Speedball Textbook never disappoints! It is full of helpful tips and is a great overview of calligraphy.

Save your money
Feb 2, 2022  |  By Kevin Antonio
The last Speedball Textbook I bought was the 21st edition from 1985, so I was looking forward to an updated addition. What a disappointment. The bulk of the 25th is mostly pages of beautiful and inspiring calligraphic art pieces... and little actual instruction. Shouldn't instruction be the point of a textbook? The best thing about the book is the the coil binding so the pages lie flat. I'm glad I still have the 21st edition. It has a nib chart page showing what pen strokes look like with the various A, B C and D nibs, and pages and pages of alphabets with stroke by stroke guidance. It's more invaluable to me now than ever. As for the 25th? It'll be gathering dust on my bookshelf.
Owner Response: The 25th edition of The Speedball Textbook complements the earlier editions, rather than copying their alphabets. There is little duplication from the 21st edition. In the 25th, the focus is on the calligraphy of today rather than looking back to the mid 20th century. If you have previous editions, keep them in your library--and purchase this edition for the contemporary model alphabets accompanied by many and varied examples by the best calligraphers of today. This new edition has the spiral binding, is full-color throughout, has two fold out pages, and is 120 pages, including 20+ pages on pointed pen scripts (the 21st edition had only 96pp).

Review of 1-26-22 Order
Feb 6, 2022  |  By Catherine Burkhard
Loved the new Speedball book - so much in it! As always with my orders, the packing with the book and 2 other items was super-fantastic, the timeliness of receipt of order on target, and the ease to order from you in general is always great. Thanks.
Owner Response: Thank you for your kind words. I will pass them onto everyone here.

Speedball Textbook 25 edition
Feb 26, 2022  |  By Petrona Charles
I have been collecting and using Speedball Textbooks for over 50 years. This edition has outdone itself for the beauty, layout, and examples from recognized master calligraphers. The emphasis on pointed pen calligraphy is especially appreciated.

Wonderful book on Calligraphy
Oct 26, 2022  |  By Joyce Barrett
I love paging through the book and find so many inspiring ideas on lettering. It will be beside me whenever I work on my Calligraphyl