Stillman & Birn Papers

Item Code: PS112


PS112. Stillman & Birn Papers. 22"x30" sheet.

These highly sought-after papers are now available in large sheets. Their internal and surface sizing makes them ideal for calligraphy with pencil, pen or brush. The sizing keeps the ink/paint on the surface of the sheet -- you get vibrant colors, crisp edges, and no bleeding, and the paper withstands erasure well.

The papers come in three surfaces.
Medium Grain: distinctive tooth, suitable for all dry media, and will also accept multiple washes.
Cold Press: Substantial tooth (but smoother than Cold Press watercolor paper), enhanced wet and tear strength, suitable for mixed-media artwork.
Smooth: Suitable for pen & ink, colored pencils, water-based markers as well as watercolors.

Two weights: 150gsm and 270gsm. For comparison: Arches Text Wove (120gsm); watercolor paper 90lb (185gsm), 140lb (300gsm).

Alpha: White, Medium Grain, 150gsm.
Beta: White, Cold Press, 270gsm.
Delta: Ivory, Cold Press, 270gsm.
Epsilon: White, smooth finish, 150gsm.
Gamma: Ivory, Medium Grain, 150gsm.
Nova: 3 colors (Black, Beige, Grey), Medium Grain, 150gsm.
Zeta: White, Smooth finish, 270gsm.

The Gamma is similar to the now discontinued Diploma Parchment paper.

Click HERE to read comments from the lettering artists we had test the papers.

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