Tachikawa C Nibs

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N114. Tachikawa C Nibs

These chrome-plated calligraphy nibs come from Japan, also the home of the Nikko G pointed nib. The chrome plating gives this smooth nib a sharp and long- lasting edge. Tachikawa Calligraphy Nibs. Specify size.

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Not what I expected
Jan 8, 2013  |  By Felix
the double reservoir can only be filled up as much as if it had only one.

Doesn't work for me
Jan 15, 2014  |  By Phawnda Moore
With a heavy hand, I've been pretty happy with the Speedball family for almost 40 years. I thought the reservoir on these would be a plus. But after trying several now, it's hard to get consistent strokes. The nibs have an odd curve to them. Think I'll go back to Speedball.

Jul 14, 2014  |  By Robert Towner
These stiff, sleek nibs are strong enough for my heavy hand. They are not suitable for slick papers, but work beautifully on a paper with some teeth.

Tachikawa C nibs
Dec 18, 2019  |  By David Ziegler
Superb for controlled ink flow -- the nib doesn't flood the paper after dipping and maintains an even flow for many words. Really remarkable. The nibs are stiff, a quality I personally like. Even the 1 mm nib gives a nice variation in width as it curves around, even with heavy acrylic inks. The only weakness I find is that you have to work to clean them, especially if you are using waterproof inks.