Tachikawa T40 (Multi) Pen Holder

Item Code: H89


H89. Tachikawa T40 (Multi) Pen Holder.

This holder from Japanese company Tachikawa is a high-quality, lightweight wood. The holder has a rubber finger grip and uses the plastic collar system to hold the nibs. It will hold the following broad edge nibs: Mitchell, Speedball, Tape, Tachikawa. It will not hold Brause nibs; they are too loose.

One neat feature: this holder has a plastic cap to fit over the nib (and the cap can be posted while you are using the holder!). That way, you can leave the nib in the pen and not worry that it will get damaged.

Total length (excluding cap) is 5.75 inches, width is about 1/2 inch thick.

Made in Japan.

JNB Item Code: H89
Item Name: Tachikawa T40 (Multi) Pen Holder
Grip Diameter (mm): 11.25
Grip Diameter (inches): 0.443
Length (cm): 14.9
Length (in): 5.9
Weight (gm): 5.7
Weight (oz): 0.2
Staff Material: Wood
Staff Shape: Straight
Nib Hold: Plastic

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This is GREAT
Mar 21, 2018  |  By Kit
It is versatile, taking multiple size nibs including mapping nibs without having the easily-breakable plastic insert that is standard with most mapping nib holders. It comes with a cap so if you have to stop mid-work you can clean and replace the nib then cap it, keeping your nib at the ready for consistency when you come back to the work. It is also very comfortable to hold with the rubberized gripper and tapered shape.