Wafer Light Box

Item Code: S939
$175.00–$275.00 $175.00–$275.00


S939. Wafer Lightbox

Similar to the Artograph Lightpad, but even thinner - the Wafer Lightbox is only 3/8" thick. The lighted area measures a full 9"x12.5" or 12.5"x17", with the frame the same level as the lighted surface. The top and left side edges of the frame have a built-in ruler marked in both inches and centimeters. The Wafer's LED illumination is dimmable, provides an even spread of light from edge to edge, and is very low heat. Uses an AC adaptor (included). From Daylight.

Choose from two sizes:
9" x 12.5" lighted area (total size 10.5" x 14")
12.5" x 17" lighted area (total size 14" x 19")

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