Hermann Zapf & the World He Designed /Kelly

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B4290. Hermann Zapf & the World He Designed by Jerry Kelly. 2019. 350pp. 6-1/8"x9-3/8". Hardcover

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In this comprehensive biography of Hermann Zapf, Jerry Kelly, Zapf's friend and colleague of almost 40 years, traces the artist's life from his youth in Nuremberg to his retirement in Darmstadt. Scrupulously researched at the Hermann Zapf archive in the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel and at the Cary Collection at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and enriched by decades of conversations with Zapf and his associates, the book details Zapf's experiences with type companies, printers, publishers, and colleagues. It explores his modern design aesthetic and engagement with the staggering technological advances of typography during the twentieth century. Featuring rarities and never-before-seen works and photos, it also includes definitive lists of Zapf's type designs and major calligraphic works. However, the volume is more than an in-depth appreciation of Zapf's work; it is about his work in relation to his life.

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