Adjusted Turned Wood Oblique Holder

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H115. Adjusted Turned Wood Oblique Holder.

These beautiful, turned-wood holders have a metal flange to hold the nib and are ideal for Copperplate, Spencerian, and other pointed pen scripts. Choose from four styles: Ornamental, Tapered, Ebony, and Zanerian. These adjusted holders come ready-to-write, with the nib inserted. Wood color varies.

Choose nib adjustment: 66EF (Brause 66EF), 303 (Gillott 303), PRIN (Principal EF), NIKK (Nikko G).

Click HERE to see which other nibs each adjustment will fit.

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Handy for multiple nibs
Aug 23, 2019  |  By Nikole Harrington
I bought one holder in each style with a different adjustment. This lets me switch between holders when I want a different nib rather than having to adjust the brass flange every time.