Oblique Comfort Grip Adjusted Holder

Item Code: H97


H97. Oblique Comfort Grip Adjusted Holder

March 2022: The Blue holders are currently out of stock.

This comfort-grip, "hourglass" holder with an oblique brass flange is a great improvement over the Speedball Oblique Holder. The flange is tilted to decrease the angle of the nib to the paper, making your upstrokes less likely to catch on the paper and the flange is pre-adjusted for our most popular nibs.

This holder does not include a nib.

Choose color: Black or Blue.

Choose nib adjustment: 66EF (Brause 66EF), 303 (Gillott 303), Princ (Principal EF), Nikko (Nikko G).

Click HERE to see which other nibs each adjustment will fit.

JNB Item Code: H97
Item Name: Oblique Comfort Grip Adjusted Holder
Grip Diameter (mm): 9.75
Grip Diameter (inches): 0.384
Length (cm): 16.8
Length (in): 6.6
Weight (gm): 11.3
Weight (oz): 0.4
Staff Material: Plastic
Staff Shape: Hourglass
Nib Hold: Metal flange

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So Much Better
Nov 14, 2021  |  By Rose
This oblique penholder is so much better than than the Speedball holder that I was using. My nib now only occasionally catches on the upstroke. It was so frustrating before.

Works well with the BRAUSE 66EF NIB
Jan 2, 2022  |  By Joyce
I requested this pen for Christmas because I had already received the nib, but didn't realize it wouldn't fit into the Oblique Holder I had. I'm such a newbie at calligraphy that I have to keep looking up what I have and checking the nibs with a magnifying glass. John Neal made getting the right pen easy because the online color notations indicated which nibs fit each of the Oblique Comfort Grip Adjusted Holders. It has a nice "grippy" feel on the blue surface.