Arches MBM 8.5x11, 25 sht pk

Item Code: PA104


PA104. Arches MBM 8.5x11, 25-sheet pack.

This laid paper is recommended by Peter Thornton and others. Mouldmade in France, made of 75% cotton/25% sulphite, neutral pH, 105 gsm, laid finish. Buffered and gelatine sized. Ideal for pastels, charcoal, sanguine chalk, and pen and ink. Complementary for art printing and binding. Cold Press surface.

Comments from Sandy Wagner on Arches MBM:
It has a lovely watermark. I first used it at a Peter Thornton workshop drawing the Adolf Bernd letters. It takes water media really nicely and no, it doesn't bleed. It's just a really nice all-round paper. It's a little heavier than the Canson Ingres. Like the other Ingres papers, it's laid only on one side. The other side is cold pressed similar to Arches Text. So bookmakers might have some considerations in laying out their signatures, although I have a nice stab bound book with the cold-pressed surface facing the laid surface.

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