Bister Ink Powder

Item Code: I157


I157. Bister Color / Ink Powder / Powdered Ink

This powdered ink from Europe has very striking colors. The powders all look about the same, but the mixed ink proves to be warm earthy tones. A little bit goes a long way. Mix in a small, screw-top Dinky Dip: about 1-part powder to 4-parts water. If mixed dark, you can dilute in a palette to get brighter color, and with more water, pastel color.

1oz of powder packaged in a 2oz plastic jar.

Choose: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Mahogany, Natural, Red, Yellow.

Also available as a set (I157-S).

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Mini Spoon Set
$12.95Sale Price: $11.95
Bister Ink Powder Set
$63.60Sale Price: $49.95
Bister Ink Complete Kit
$87.45Sale Price: $69.95
Bister 4 Color Set
$31.80Sale Price: $27.50


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Bister Ink
Oct 22, 2021  |  By Don
I love the warm earthy tones you get with this ink. And if you dilute them more, you get pastel shades!

Bister Ink for Calligraphy
Oct 26, 2021  |  By Angela N
These inks come in powered form. They can be mixed with water to get the palest of tints to strong (transparent) colors to dark shades that look like dark walnut ink with a hit of color.