Blackwell Plastic Handle Oblique Holder

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Blackwell Oblique Pen Holder Plastic Handle

July 2021: This holder is out of stock. Please email for inquiries.

Black plastic hourglass penholder with the same brass flange for holding the nibs. The brass work is not as finely finished but is just as functional. Works with small nibs such as the Brause 66EF and almost all other nibs.

A remarkably simple design that holds most pen points for Spencerian and Copperplate. Designed to hold the nib at a less steep slant angle for ease of upstrokes. Also available with a brass and wood handle.

(Works with most all nibs except the very largest vintage nibs and crowquill nibs.)

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It's a Keeper!
Feb 3, 2016  |  By Kenneth Keeton
I really like this Oblique Holder as it is so easy to change nibs and holds almost all of them except for a small few. I will be getting 2 more of these since I like the first one so much. The only downside is that the holder itself is plastic and would have been nice to have it in wood but for the price point what can you expect. I do not want to take away that the holder is a great holder and I find that I use it quite often.

Fabulous flange and holder!
Jul 26, 2021  |  By Michelle Robnett
This holder and flange are just perfect for me! I put a new Hunt 22 Vintage nib in the holder and the holder is perfect for my hand! The holder is slightly forward weighted, but that worked for me! It positioned the holder in my hand perfectly! An amazing holder & I'll be ordering 2nd holder tomorrow I like it so much!