Broad Edge Nib Sampler

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N207. Broad Edge Nib Sampler.

This broad-nib sampler contains broad edge nibs from of all the major brands. This allows you to find which nib works best for you.

Sampler contains one each:
Hiro Tape 1.5mm & 3mm
Brause Bandzug 1.5mm & 3mm
Mitchell Roundhand sizes 1 (3mm) & 3 (1.4mm), plus one reservoir
Speedball C Series sizes C2 (3mm) & C4 (1.5mm)
Tachikawa 3.0mm

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Broad Edge Nob Sampler
May 30, 2021  |  By Michelle Robnett
I purchased the Broad Edge Nib Sampler a month ago. I've never tried a broad edged nib as a novice, but I really enjoyed trying out all the nibs at the smallest or only size. I believe this was a great way to try various nib brands. I was surprised to find I truly enjoyed writing with the Mitchell nib! The information under the Mitchell nib said the flexibility of nib might not be good for beginners. That's why I was surprised to find it was my favorite! This sampler is definitely worth purchasing if you are new to broad edge nibs!