Pointed Nib Sampler:1 each

Item Code: N117-1
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N117-1. Pointed Nib Sampler: 1 each.
Copperplate/Spencerian Nib Assortment.

One each of the 28 pointed nibs listed below. These nibs are used for Copperplate and Spencerian writing, as well as for pen & ink drawing. Does not include vintage nibs or music nib.

The nibs in the assortment are:
Brause 66EF, Rose, Steno

Gillott 170, 290, 291, 303, 404, 659, 1068A, 1950

Hiro Crown, 111EF, 40 (Blue pumpkin), 700

Hunt 22B, 56, 99, 100, 101, 103, 108

Mitchell Elbow

Nikko G

Zebra G

Tachikawa G

Leonardt G

Principal EF

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