Calligraphic Drawing / Loong

Item Code: B4283


B4283. Calligraphic Drawing: A How-to Guide and Gallery Exploring the Art of the Flourish by Schin Loong. 2018. 128pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

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The book starts with tools, materials, and basic stokes, and includes instruction for the traditional birds and for the feather quill. But the special part of the book comes next, with exercises on creating light and dark textures in irregular shapes and how to use this knowledge, along with step-by-step instruction, to create more animals: crane, rooster, jellyfish, goldfish, peacock, parrot, owl, raccoon, elephant, puppy, rabbit, fox, zebra. Flourished banners and cartouches and adding lettering to your flourished animals are also covered. The text and how-to's move from the simplest to the most challenging designs, with examples to inspire you.

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