Bienfang Calligraphic Practice Paper

Item Code: P91
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P91. Bienfang Calligraphic Practice Paper. 9"x12", 50 sheet pad.

Printed with base, x-height, and slant lines for Italic. 7/32" (5.5mm) x-height. Smooth, 19lb (74gsm), white paper, 19lb (74gsm), with some tooth. It takes the ink very well and is a favorite of Carrie Imai for her students. From Beinfang.

This pad works best with Walnut, Bister, Sumi, and similar inks as well as with the inexpensive Prang pan watercolors. It can bleed some with Higgins Eternal and Pelikan 4001 (a fountain pen ink) where the pen has put down a lot of ink.

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