Carol's Ink Magic Folded Pen Kit

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K131. Carol's Ink Magic Folded Pen Kit

While working with both Dark Blue and Yellow Ochre Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks, Carol DuBosch came across something special. She found that by dipping in one ink, then water, then the other ink, she could write in a wonderful mix of different colors. Depending on the particular mix of Blue and Yellow inks and the water, the colors were far from what you would expect -- it was ink magic! Carol was kind enough to share her discovery in Bound & Lettered issue 14.4.

This kit contains all that you need to create your own ink magic: a full-color copy of the B&L article with instructions for the technique and many examples of Carol's delightful calligraphy showcasing this ink magic, the two inks, a 6-well mixing palette, Carol's book Folded Pen Adventures, a Luthis Dragonfly Folded Pen (a Carol favorite), and an 8.5"x11" Gilbert Bond Pad.

Carol DuBosch lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She is a full-time freelance lettering artist who teaches calligraphy classes in the Pacific Northwest, and workshops for guilds throughout the United States. She frequently posts her work on Instagram: @caroldubosch

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Carol Dubosch bundle
Mar 12, 2022  |  By Beverly Tones
I ordered this set of items -- book, pen, paper, inks & palette -- and was not disappointed. Carol Dubosch's folded-pen is nicely detailed. John Neal Books' service was great and exceptionally fast.