Codici 2 / Ingmire

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B4324. Codici 2: Calligraphic Visual Communication Research by Thomas Ingmire. 2021. 70pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

This is the long-awaited continuation of Thomas Ingmire's investigation into letterforms as vehicles for artistic expression. He wants to know how calligraphic letterforms can serve a larger purpose than making a meaningful text attractive. At what point is a letter no longer a letter? What are the essential elements of a letterform, and can those elements be disrupted or subverted to communicate new ideas, rhythms, and forms without literally being read? It is difficult enough to learn and master making letters in the traditional way without then being asked to break down and unlearn them. But this is exactly what Thomas is asking both of himself and of us. The book has four sections: Toward a contemporary calligraphy and away from mere legibility; Thomas Ingmire + 2013 -- observations on the nature of calligraphy and meaning while teaching in Japan; Innocent letters standing alone -- a dialogue between Thomas Ingmire and Tom Greensfelder; and Lettering as drawing -- a workshop.

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