CUT Goose Quill

Item Code: N151


N151. Cut Goose Quill.

Each quill is expertly cut by hand by Dennis Ruud. The quill has been shortened and most of the barbs trimmed off to make it a more practical writing tool. Judging from the illustrations in early books, this is the way quills were prepared historically and are prepared now by serious modern scribes. These are quills for use, not for show.

Choose: .75mm,
Sizes are approximate.

The 1mm and 2mm have been discontinued and are no longer available.

Care of your quill. Donald Jackson writes in The Calligrapher's Handbook: "A quill which is left to dry quickly after use, may shrink slightly and then distort...and a good pen can be spoiled. However, quills need not be kept soaking at all times, especially when they are needed for fine sharp writing at small sizes, when the pen needs to be kept dry and hard. However, there is a case for taking steps to compensate for over-drying especially now that many of our rooms, winter and summer, are so low in humidity. Placing the feather shaft downwards on a wet sponge in a tall covered jar would seem to be a good compromise. A well-tempered pen should then remain in stable shape."

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