Daniel Smith Walnut Ink

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I145. Daniel Smith Walnut Ink 2 oz.

This finely pigmented sepia tone ink works well for writing and washes. Being pigmented, this Walnut ink will not fade like other Walnut inks. In washes, the ink handles like a transparent watercolor, with good layering and lifting capabilities.

- Lightfast
- Non acidic
- low staining
- Good for calligraphy, drawing, and painting

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Deep Brown Color
Nov 9, 2021  |  By Bekka
Daniel Smith walnut ink has a nice, deep brown color. I use it in a broad-edged pen. It flows well from my pen.

I like the old bottle better
Feb 11, 2022  |  By Bob Therrien
I like the old bottle better, but it's the same ink and the same amount. I've been using this ink for many years, to practice mostly: it's reliable and very rarely does it bleed--it does not bleed on the John Neal grid paper, and that's what I use to practice on. Clean up is easy.
Owner Response: All the JNB Practice Pads (plain or graph/grid) use the same non-bleeding paper. The Mastering Copperplate Pad also uses the same paper.

Daniel Smith Walnut Ink
Mar 21, 2022  |  By Louise C. Radanovich
Very smooth, pleasing brown ink. An unexpected quality is that it flows generously and when blotted has a golden glow. Sort of shading, sort of sheening. I like it.

Excellent medium
May 12, 2022  |  By Delaine Faulkner
Add these crystals to water to make a wonderful fluid for writing. The ink can be layered with other watercolours or metallics & may be lifted to create lighter negative shapes or writing. A lovely way to create interesting work.