Dinky Dip w/ Glass Vials

Item Code: S1107


S1107. Dinky Dip w/ Glass Vials.

The large vials are approximately 1" in diameter and 1.25" tall / 27x30mm. (The vials are intermediate in size between those of our Jumbo and our Screw-Top Dinky Dips) Unfinished wood base. The color of the plastic lids will vary.

1 Vial / Square Base (1.625"x1.625")
4 Vials / Rectangular Base (6.5"x1.5")
4 Vials / Square Base (3.5"x3.5")

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I like these
Feb 11, 2022  |  By bob therrien
These glass dinkys are nice...they're a bit larger than the plastic screw-top dinky dips...requiring more ink but that's o.k. The caps are easy to unscrew and very secure...there's an indent @ the bottom of the vial/jar that I thought would hinder my pen nib but no...I will continue to use these with my oblique and straight nib holders...again, they are Nice!

Not Rinky-Dink!
Aug 11, 2022  |  By Louise C. Radanovich
These Dinky Dips are really perfect. Not too deep, nice & wide. Plus, the wooden holders are nice. Simple, precice, functional. And thanks, Katie, for your help.