Gilders Bole Powder

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Gilders Bole.

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1. Use this powdered color on the back of your sheet to transfer designs instead of graphite.
2. Add some of this powdered color to your mixture when you are making gesso for raised gilding. It tints the gesso and makes any pin holes in the gold much less obvious than with a bright white gesso.

This is the "Armenian Bole" that is listed as an ingredient in the gesso recipes. However, this bole is from France, not Armenia.

"The actual outline drawing was very carefully planned, and drawn, down to the last tiny detail, the final being on tracing paper. I traced this down very carefully on to the prepared vellum using Saral transfer paper. Nowadays I would rub powdered Armenian bole on the back of the tracing instead, as it is non greasy and easier to erase after ink lines have been drawn." Sheila Waters discussing the process she used in her Roundel of the Seasons

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