inkmethis Guideline Washi Tape

Item Code: S2104


S2104. inkmethis Guideline Washi Tape.

This awesome tape from inkmethis makes calligraphy engraving a breeze! Inkmethis engraving guideline tape provides quick and easy lines for precise layouts, while also creating a slight resistance to the bur which give you better control of your lines. No more battling wet markers or stubborn pencil shadows--simply apply the tape directly to the bottle, write your calligraphy on the tape with a pen or pencil, then engrave directly through the tape!

Guideline tape is 15mm wide and 10m (32ft) long. Features 55° slants and 5mm line spacing with midpoint mark. Stack multiple rows of tape to lengthen your "guide sheet." Safe on any surface.

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