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Kathy Milici Creative - Modern Ornamental Initials - Sept 12 & 16

This class is not hosted by John Neal Books. Please contact the instructor for more information.

Kathy has designed a lively and versatile NEW alphabet to share with you! These updated, whimsical initials go beautifully with Modern Storybook Script, or any casual alphabet. You can use them as sta…

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Kathy has designed a lively and versatile NEW alphabet to share with you! These updated, whimsical initials go beautifully with Modern Storybook Script, or any casual alphabet. You can use them as stand-alone initials (great for envelope art!), for monograms (think gifts!) or spell out a full accent word (like in quotes!). In this workshop, you will learn how to draw, flourish, paint and decorate your own stylish initial letters! Using the templates and guided tutorials provided by Kathy, it’s easy and fun to build and design new letters that come to life right before your eyes! First, you’ll learn how to sketch and construct the letter structures using a template from Kathy’s comprehensive handouts. With easy-to-follow tutorials, we’ll experiment with various looks like line design details, colors, flourishing, finials, filigree, and background options before making your final choices. You’ll decorate the interior and exterior of each letter and experiment with outlining, inlining, dimensional shading, simple watercolor painting, adding pen texture, flourishing, filigree and other charming additions! Then we’ll render our final initials using watercolor, micron markers, graphite, white ink, and of course, GOLD!

Modern Ornamental Initials
Kathy Milici Creative, Hosted By Caligraphy Crush Magazine
Live (Also recorded for later viewing)
09/12/2023 and 09/16/2023
10:00 AM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Class Cost: $195
All Skill Levels

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Supply List:

I159. Black Star Ink 

E09. Kneaded Eraser 

S1143. Ruler, 6" 

N113. Nikko G Nib, Qty 3  

H167. Nikko Pen Holder 

If you are a practicing artist, you may already have many of these items. These are some tools that I use, but you may choose differently. Please don’t stress about not having everything. Some people choose to watch the live classes first, gather supplies afterward and re-watch the playback videos and play along later! 

Plastic circle template, small, multiple sized holes, largest is 1 3/8 inches dia (S1085)

Straight pen holder with pointed nibs (Nikko G or your favorite) (H113, H152, H38, H113)

Dr. Martins Bleed Proof White (I38)

Sumi Moon Palace Black Ink (not waterproof, use with dry media only) (I70)

Dr Martins Black Star Ink, Matte (truly waterproof, works with watercolors) (I159)

FineTec / Coliro watercolor in Arabic Gold (Or any gold metallic) (S1000)

Black Micron Pigma Marker (Recommended sizes .005, .01) (M17)

Fons and Porter White Mechanical Pencil  (S769)

Dropper bottle with water (S1017)

Water pot (S1005)

Paint mixing palette or white plate (S747, S1094, S2005)

Watercolor pan paint set (Recommended: Prang, 12 colors) (S609)

Windsor & Newton small watercolor tube in Opera Rose (or any hot pink color) (WNWC1, WNWC2, WNWC3, WNWC4)

Small paint brushes (Recommended: W/N Sceptre Gold II, #2 size, red handle) (BR26)

Old brush for mixing (BR43)

Mop brush or soft make-up brush for clean-ups

Tracing paper, a few sheets (P112)

Transfer paper in graphite, white for transferring images to dark papers (S654, S612)

Rhodia grid/graph pad, Orange cover, 8 ¾ x 11 ¼ (P55)

Watercolor paper, like Canson XL, blue cover (student grade ok) (P113)

OR professional watercolor paper, hot or cold press (P2050) - Cut into small pieces, like 5 x 7, 5 x 5, 5 ½ x 8 ½

A few sheets of dark color card stock (Recommended: Black, Navy)

Soft pencil, like 2HB (PL38)

Soft eraser (recommended: Kneaded, Mono Zero) (E09, E22)

6” Ruler (S270, S1143)

Paper stumps or cotton swab for blending

A few toothpicks

Viva Paper Towels


Optional items:

Gelly Roll Pen in gold, silver, clear glitter (M64, M96-2)

White gel pen (Recommended: Signa, extra fine “Angellic”) (M61)

Swarovski crystals (any color or clear), flat end tweezers

Strong adhesive like PVA glue, a few toothpicks (S340)

Ranger Liquid Pearls (any color like gold, silver, pearl white)

Stickles Glitter Glue (any color or clear glitter) (S3003)

**Please note: Colored pencils OR watercolor pencils can also be used for this class, instead of watercolor paint.

Recommended: Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils (P28)

Also: Faber-Castell, Derwent or Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils (PL32, PL05)

Examples: pinks/reds, yellows/oranges, blues/greens, violet/purples
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