Manuscript Deluxe FP Set

Item Code: FP90


FP90. Manuscript Calligrapher's Deluxe Fountain Pen Set (Tin).

This calligraphy fountain pen set comes in a storage tin with a smooth, black barrel, six interchangeable gilt broad-edged nibs: F, M, B, 2B, 3B, 4B. One convertor and four cartridges, one black, one blue, one red, and one green. Smooth writing, good thicks and thins. Great for beginners, quick work, and envelope jobs. Specify Right or Left Hand.

Nib measurements: F=.85mm, M=1.1mm, B=1.35mm, B2=1.6mm, B3=2.2mm, B4=2.8mm.

To purchase additional nib units: FP103
To purchase additional cartridges: FP115 or FP91

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Manuscript Pens

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Leftie life saver!
Oct 31, 2017  |  By Susan Bachelder
After years of trying to fix an ancient Osmiroid leftie nib, I finally found the leftie Manuscript pen. While the barrel itself is a somewhat light weight black plastic, the nibs are excellent. I finally have a fountain pen I can write with for general purpose that takes both cartridges and a converter. THANKS everyone!

Finally an actual Left Handed set
Jan 9, 2021  |  By Donna Olmstead
I have been looking for this set but was not able to find it anywhere, I could only find the "left handed" which meant it was a right handed set and you needed to ship it to England to swap for the left handed version. I already had one lower priced Manuscript left handed pen with only one nib option but it has a very uncomfortable grip. I knew that the deluxe version had a textured but more comfortable grip from trying my daughter's right handed deluxe version. I was happy that John Neal had the actual Left Handed version on not just the "exchange" version. Besides having a more comfortable grip it also feels like a smoother nib than the lower price point version you might find in a hobby store. I love that this gives me the angle I need to learn/practice Uncial and Gothic. John Neal has also earned my trust because there was a hiccup with this order and customer service worked quickly to resolve the issue.