McCaffery Inkwell

Item Code: S800


S800. McCaffery Inkwell.

Individually crafted by a machinist out of a sold block of rust-proof metal (stainless steel or brass), this is the ultimate ink well. With a weighted base, it is pretty much impossible to tip over. The precision-made, no-spill, screw-on cap and the compact size make it portable. .7oz, 1-1/2" diameter base, 1-3/8" high. Designed and made by Neil McCaffery, a student of Michael Sull. Use it with his Penman Ink or your favorite writing fluid.

Choose Stainless Steel or Golden Brass (sold individually).

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Excellent Purchase
Jul 19, 2013  |  By Peter
I purchased the stainless steel version of the McCaffery inkwell and I'm very pleased so far. It is smaller than I expected (though I suppose if I had paid attention to the dimensions provided this wouldn't be so), however, I find the size perfect. It has a wide mouth that accommodates my oblique holder without any trouble. The item is solid and well-machined. After filling it with ink, I screwed on the top, turned it over and the held it on its side while running a paper towel around the edge. Not a drop leaked.

Apr 24, 2014  |  By JAC
The price for this brass inkwell kept me from ordering it for a long time. However, I got tired of cleaning up ink when someone would bump my pretty crystal inkwell that did not have a screw-on top. I finally screwed up my nerve enough to order this inkwell & I am so glad that I did! It's easy to fill (I got an eye dropper at the drug store). It securely closes, so no worries if someone bumps it! The opening is wide enough so that an oblique holder and nib easily can dip into the ink. It is weighted on the bottom, so it would be very had to knock it over. I like it so much, I've ordered a second one, to put some colored ink in for a project that I am doing. I am totally satisfied with this inkwell!

Minimal yet elegant
Dec 21, 2021  |  By Mehdi
This inkwell is probably the most solid inkwell one can find in the market. Very fine craftsmanship! I wish it was a little bigger but I believe the weight would significantly increase if the size gets any larger. Thank you Neil McCaffery and JNB.