McCaffery's Prairie Night Black Ink

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I154. McCaffery's Prairie Night Black Ink.

This carbon-based ink was designed for creating artwork for items that will be printed, such as wedding invitations. The pen strokes are densely black, and the hairlines are moderately fine (the extremely fine hairlines of gall ink don't reproduce well in printing). Because it dries quickly, it is also good for envelope work. The ink goes on black and dries with a light sheen. Thins easily with water. It could become your go-to ink for difficult papers. 1 oz, wide-mouth, glass jar.

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Prairie Night
Apr 2, 2017  |  By Debi Zeinert
I was looking for an American made product to work for me like sumi ink - Prairie Night was the answer! Fabulous right out of the bottle, and easily thinned with water for a finer hairline. I do A LOT of work for reproduction and found that since I started using Prairie Night, my touch up work was simpler. Prairie Night + Rhodia Paper gives a crisp line that even if blown up has minimal ragged edges.

Best for washes
Sep 21, 2020  |  By Howard Schneider
I find this ink too thin to hold well on nibs. But it makes a unique wash when you add water and brush it on. Instead of appearing as watery black, as most inks do, it turns a uniform grey shade. You might want to store it in the fridge. A previously-opened bottle I hadn't used for a while developed mold at room temperature.