Paint Puck

Item Code: S1150


S1150. Paint Puck. 2.25" in diameter.

New for July 2022! A hit at the 2022 IAMPETH Conference in Atlanta.

These simple, versatile brush cleaners feature soft, silicone agitators that easily clean paint from deep within brushes with almost no effort! Each Paint Puck has a suction cup on the bottom, so they'll stay in place on the bottom/sides of your favorite Mason jar or plastic rinsing cup. Extend the lifespan of your brushes while saving water, time, and money.

Compact, portable, dishwasher-safe, and fantastic for home or classroom use. Compatible with acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and water-based inks and solvents.

Choose from three pretty pastel colors: Lavender, Dusty Rose, or Eucalyptus.

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