Pen & Nib Art Bin

Item Code: S231


S231. Pen & Holder Bin.

A thin case of unbreakable clear plastic with four compartments for nibs and one for holders. 7"x3.5"x1.25". (Nibs and holders not included.)

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Works, but not perfect
Feb 21, 2020  |  By Roxanne
My biggest complaint is silly, but the label will not peel off cleanly, and it's huge -- covering most of the lid, and that really bothers me. Other than that, this works ok to hold shorter min holders and a selection of nibs. It will hold the Speedball plastic oblique holder, for example, but the Moblique is just a hair too long to fit.

Pen & Nib Art Bin is Perfection
Dec 26, 2021  |  By Mariela Gerstein
This organizer is perfect and super versatile to keep my fountain pens with their nibs and also for my pen holders and their nibs.