Pilot G-Tec Pen

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M08. Pilot G Tec Pens.

These metal tipped pens glide smoothly across paper and never skip. They are non-waterproof and come highly recommended by many calligraphers like Sheila Waters.

Not widely available in the USA.

Single pens available in Black.
Pilot G-TEC-C4. Ultra Fine. CHOOSE SIZE .4
The 0.4 size creates a 0.20mm line (BL-GC4-B).
(Only available in Black)

Pilot G-TEC-C3. Micro Fine. CHOOSE SIZE .3
0.15mm BL-GC3-B (end of pen: 0.3)
(Only available in Black)

Pilot G-TEC-C0.25. Hyper Fine. CHOOSE SIZE .25
0.13mm BL-GC25-B (end of pen: 0.25)
(Available in Black)

Click here to see a color chart and sample writing.

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