Pilot Parallel Pens Modified to New Sizes

Item Code: FP68


FP68. New Parallel Pen Sizes (These sizes are not made by Pilot.)

Add these additional pens to your Parallel Pen collection:
1mm, 2mm.

We have the 1.5mm cut down to 1.0mm and the 2.4 cut to 2mm (Pilot does not warrant these modified pens, but John Neal Bookseller does.)

The new 1mm (nominal) is the perfect size for addressing wedding invitations -- though the thick & thin contrast is less than with a dip pen. It is a bit larger than 1.0mm. (You can use the .5mm edge of the pen for fine lines.)

Each includes one red and one black cartridge and a cleaning bladder.

See item FP67 for sizes 3.0mm and 4.5mm.

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Pilote parallel the New goto fountain pen
Dec 18, 2014  |  By Martha West
I would not see any reason to have any other Fountain pen ! They are amazing I am so smitten by these 4 different sized pens but I'm just a beginner. I love the 2 smaller sized parallels and after I have practiced with a normal dip pen I relax more with the Pilot Parallels! Try one , you will be amazed how it handles and it is a nice price to play with!