Set of 4 Radius-cut Pilot Parallel Pens

Item Code: FP132-S
$75.80 $72.01


FP132-S. Radius Cut Pilot Parallel Pen. Set of Four.
Includes Radius-Cut Pens created from 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, and 6.0 Parallel Pens.

These pens begin life as Pilot Parallel Pens...once our penmaker has worked his magic the pen is cut to a radius (curved) shape. This allows the pressure on the stroke to affect the ink flow. Great for experimenting and gestural work. The pen works better on paper with a bit of tooth.
Now available in smaller sizes. This allows the radius pens to be used for small lettering!

(Pilot does not warrant this modified pen, but we do! Pilot is not involved with the modification of these pens.)

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