Set of 4 Parallel Pens and Book

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Set of 4 Pilot Parallel Pens: 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, 6.0mm (each with 2 cartridges and a cleaning bladder) AND a pack of 12 cartridges (one each of 12 colors) AND a copy of Parallel Pen Wizardry.

Pilot Parallel Pen.
Extremely smooth writing from this pen, offering crisp edges and sharp hairlines. Nib point consists of two parallel metal plates and allows for lettering in two sizes. Use the 0.5mm edge for sharp, monoline writing or use the broad edge for calligraphic writing. You can also produce color-blended letters by touching ink from one pen to a second pen loaded with another color.

Parallel Pen Wizardry (Book) by Brenda Broadbent. 2003. 24pp. 8.5x11". Paper
This instructional book for the popular Parallel Pen will help you explore this very versatile calligraphy fountain pen. To start with are cartridge tips and tricks and instructions for using other writing fluids: inks (including acrylics), watercolor, and gouache. Includes a chart of waterproof inks that have worked well in the Parallel Pen. Writing and drawing with the pen are explored: monoline, flourishes, color blending, expressive and experimental forms, writing on fabric. Sample alphabets: Gothicized Italic (Sheila Waters), Gothic (Ward Dunham), Uncial (Gina Jonas).

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