Rekab Brush

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BR12. Rekab Brushes Series 311.

John Stevens uses these round ferrule, chisel-edged Rekab brushes for smaller Roman lettering as well as for a variety of other styles. John uses these along with flat ferrule chisel-edged brushes for his brush lettering. These quality sable brushes, imported from Israel, with proper care will last for 20 years or more. These are called "Showcard" or "One Stroke Brushes." They are more versatile than flat ferrule, chisel edge brushes, but they take a bit more skill to use. John recommends the #5 to start with. For a wider range of sizes, he suggests adding the #3 & #7.

#3 -- 1/8"
#4 -- 3/16"
#5 -- 1/4"
#7 -- 3/8"

The #6 -- 5/16" has been discontinued by JNB and is no longer available

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Rekab Lettering Brushes
Apr 11, 2013  |  By Tony Segale
The Rekab Brush has been an excellent lettering brush, and fantastic for detail and calligraphic line work in my watercolor paintings. I will be recommending this brush for students in a future brush lettering watercolor workshop.