Screw-Top Dinky Dip Refills

Item Code: S935


S935. Screw-Top Dinky Dip Refills.

Packet of 8 vials.
Refills for S934. Screw Top Small Dinky Dip.

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Amazing! Ink dipping is no longer MESSY! :)
Jul 15, 2016  |  By Annie Froese
What an amazing product! I have tried everything in terms of dipping wells and this one has transformed my writing experience! I cannot say enough about it. I love the screw top lid (very easy to access the ink as opposed to flip tops that stick and make the whole jar tip and spill) and the nib never gets ink above the nib! Thank you for carrying this product. I'm telling all my calligraphy and ink drawing friends about this! A very satisfied customer....