Tim's Folded Pen, Round Radius

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N148RR Tim's Folded Pen, Round Radius

Each one of these pens is a versatile marking tool and a beautiful, handcrafted displayable object. Recycled metal cans are cut, hammered, and formed into the folded nib, then combined with a turned hardwood handle and a bit of thin-walled brass pipe. These are truly instruments for expressive writing and drawing. The line width varies with the angle of the pen to the paper. Each one is also a lesson in sustainability. These were quick sellers at CNW, and purchasers included both students and instructors. Each pen is unique. Click through the photos above to see the available pens in each style. The drop-down menu lists pens that are available (pens not listed in the menu have been sold).

Round Radius: A new design that makes it easy to maintain an even stroke width, even by beginners.

Buy two or more pens and receive a quantity discount.

(Also see item N148-Cora for the very versatile Cora Nib.)

Tim's Pens Manufacture, Care & Use: www.johnnealbooks.com/downloads/N148 Care.pdf

"I like my new toy a lot! I never was much interested in folded pens, but now I am." Thomas Hoyer, Aachen, Germany
"Tim's Pens are beautifully crafted writing tools, and the quality of line is outstanding." Carol DuBosch, Portland, Oregon

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