Spectralite 18 Carat vs. Spectralite Private Collection

Spectralite 18 Carat vs. Spectralite Private Collection

At left: Spectralite Private Collection. At right: Gold Spectralite 18 Carat Gold.

Spectralite 18 Carat Gold vs. Spectralite Private Collection Gold

Several years ago Dr. Ph. Martin’s discontinued all colors of Spectralite Liquid Acrylic – even the 18 Carat Gold (54K), which had been the best-selling metallic gold at John Neal Books. Spectralite Private Collection Liquid Acrylic had been put forward by the company as a replacement, so I decided then to see how the newer ink compares to the original Spectralite. –Rebecca Orr

Spectralite 18 Carat Gold (54K) is a near-perfect ink. It flows smoothly and dries waterproof to a bright, metallic sheen. It is rich in metallic pigment and fully opaque on dark papers, even with broad-edged pens, and it is just the right shade of gold for most jobs. It has been wildly popular with pointed pen scribes. (While officially discontinued, this ink – through a special arrangement – is still available from John Neal Books)

Spectralite Private Collection Gold (34PC). This ink also flows smoothly and dries waterproof, but it is less brightly metallic. It is not fully opaque on dark papers, especially not with broad-edged pens. It is more red in color than original Spectralite 18 Carat Gold. While this ink is less expensive (about $1.50 less per bottle), you are getting a somewhat watered-down version of the original.

There are two other Private Collection metallics, Copper and Silver. Copper is virtually the same color in both versions. Silver is a bit brighter in Spectralite Private Collection and works better on dark paper.

Feb 13th 2023 JNB

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