Colour Shaper Tool

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BR61. Colour Shaper Tool

With their tips of an advanced rubber composite, these tools can be used like a brush (with fluid media). Our favorite use is to write with masking fluid and, when dry, create a colorful wash over the writing. When you remove the masking fluid, you have white (paper-colored) lettering on your colored background. Unlike true brushes, these durable tips are not damaged by the masking fluid. We have selected two tapered sizes, which are similar to a pointed brush, and a small cup size, which is good for monoline lettering. Made in the United Kingdom.

Available sizes:
Tapered 0
Tapered 2
Cup 0

(Colour Shapers are available in Soft or Firm; all available through John Neal Bookseller are Soft.)

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Great for applying masking fluid
Dec 15, 2021  |  By M.A.
This tool, especially the smaller tip, is great for applying masking fluid and very easy to clean. does work as advertised
Apr 17, 2022  |  By Morgen Machen
I ordered the smaller tool, as I keep having issues with the fine-line applicator on my masking fluid clogging. I rarely use masking fluid but when I do it's most often for tiny areas and because this item is pricey I opted for the single item instead of the pair. I wanted to see how it performs so I created some opportunities. I masked out some very fine lines and pin head sized areas- think kittens whiskers, and pollen on flower stamen. Power lines at a distance. I found the tool very easy to control and with pressure could create a variety of line weights. It was a breeze to clean off, with a wipe of a paper towel. The tool worked perfectly for my uses. However, there are similar tools on the market which perform identically for half the price. I will continue to use this item with no regrets over the price but for the frugal among us, it would be wise to look around for a similar product at lower price. I'm rating this tool 5/5 and not lower because it does so it's job very well, and I'm being asked to rate it and not compare it against similar.