Nicker Designer Colour Gouache Sets

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S1021. Nicker Designer Colour (Gouache) Sets.

May 2022: 18-color set and 12-color set are currently out of stock and unavailable.

Nicker Designer Colour Gouache is made to exacting standards in a small factory in Japan. John Stevens has tested this gouache and has given it a thumbs-up. John has chosen the colors of these custom sets, only available from John Neal Books.

12 and 18-color sets available.

12-color set includes one 20ml tube each of:
551 Sap Green**
554 Lawn Green***
505 Chrome Yellow***
518 Chinese Red***
522 Bordeaux**
527 Magenta**
530 Royal Purple**
532 Violet**
536 Ultramarine Light***
538 French Blue***
571 Do Black***
570 Permanent White ***

The 18-color set includes the above colors plus:
576 Neon Pink**
520 Scarlet***
531 Wisteria***
544 Peacock Green**
590 Emerald Green**
506 Yellow Ochre***

The asterisks indicate the lightfastness:
***Excellent, **Good, *Poor

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Super Smooth!
Jan 15, 2018  |  By Murienne
I have used W&N gouache for a long time. I decided to try the Nicker Gouache as it is affordably priced. I was very presently surprised! This gouache is easily as smooth as the W&N gouache and has plenty of pigment to keep the colors rich and vibrant. This is now my go to and I will be getting the larger set soon!