Nicker Poster Colour set of 12

Item Code: S1023


S1023. Nicker Poster Colour set of 12

40ml wide-mouth plastic jars.
Colors included:
4 Scarlet Lake (a/a/a)
1 Rose Madder (a/b/b)
117 Violet Pale (b/b/a)
10 Cobalt Violet(b/c/a)
19 Cobalt Blue (a/a/a)
21 Cerulean Blue (b/b/b)
39 Turkey Green (b/b/b)
143 Light Green (b/b/a)
133 Olive Green (a/a/a)
26 Chrome Yellow (b/a/a)
54 Black (a/a/a)
51 White (b/a/a)

The letters after the color name refer to lightfastness, bleed through, and opacity:
(a/b/a) = (lightfastness/bleeding/opacity).

With exposure to direct sunlight (a harsh test), the color:
a: does not fade. b: discolors a bit. c: discolors a lot.

Bleeding (between layers of paint):
When color is painted over with white paint, the color:
a: does not bleed into the white paint. b: bleeds a bit into the white. c: definitely bleeds into the white.

Poster colors are, as a rule, opaque, but some colors do have a level of transparency.
a: completely opaque. b: Transparent when wet, but opaque over light colors when dry. Dark colors may show through some.

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