Nicker Poster Colour 40ml

Item Code: S1022


S1022. Nicker Poster Colour 40ml

April 2022: Black and Scarlet Lake are out of stock. The drop down menu has the colors that are available at this time.

Superior quality with finely ground pigment. Excellent for brush lettering and other brushwork. Recommended by John Stevens and used in his brush lettering classes. This professional-grade color is a totally different product from commonly available "poster paint."

54 Black (a/a/a)
4 Scarlet Lake (a/a/a)
51 White (b/a/a)
21 Cerulean Blue (b/b/b)
26 Chrome Yellow (b/a/a)
10 Cobalt Violet(b/c/a)
19 Cobalt Blue (a/a/a)
143 Light Green (b/b/a)
39 Turkey Green (b/b/b)

Now also available: Burnt Sienna, Carmine, Chrome Green, French Blue, French Gray, Imperial Green, Lemon Yellow, Light Blue, Magenta, Mauve, Opera, Orange, Pink, Prussian Blue, Viridian, Yellow Ochre.

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