Fox and Quills Inks (small batch)

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I160. Fox & Quills Inks (small batch)

August 2022: Iron Throne is currently out of stock.

June 2022 : New colors now available!

These hand-mixed, small batch inks are smooth as silk and write like a dream. You can achieve superfine hairlines. The five iron gall inks from Fox & Quills have a higher pH (less acid) than standard iron galls so your nibs won't corrode as quickly. 30ml (1oz) glass bottle.

Beetle Juice Iron Gall Ink. Iron gall ink with added Cochineal, making it a warm reddish/black color.

Iron Throne Iron Gall Ink. Iron gall ink with Indigo added to make a deep black with bluish overtone.

Peacock Iron Gall Ink. A fortuitous mix of 15% Iron Gall Ink and 85% pigment ink for a deep blue-green hue that is quite opaque.

Balsamic Red Iron Gall Ink. A daring mix of 20% Iron Gall Ink and 80% pigment ink for a dark, brownish red.

See also: SA-I160 Fox & Quills Ink Sampler.

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Great Ink
Feb 5, 2021  |  By Amy
Complete novice to the subtleties of ink (self-taught and still learning), but I just purchased this ink and absolutely love working with it. Some inks I really struggle to use but this ink is smooth and easy to work with. Going to order the different colors so I have a variety!

Lovely Ink
Oct 21, 2021  |  By SARAH J-B
This ink writes very smoothly and doesn't clog my nibs as some Indian ink does. I ordered the Iron throne and it has a fantastic color! Will be ordering others colors of this ink

Oct 22, 2021  |  By Annabelle
I really like oak gall ink--you can get such thin strokes. Fox & Quills inks take the fun up a notch. While the color is fairly subtle (except Peacock), it is decided improvement over basic black!

Fox & Quills
Oct 26, 2021  |  By Deidra
Beetle Juice from Fox and Quills comes out of the pen and onto the paper as a rich crimson red, then - as it dries - it darkens to reddish black. I love the bottle it comes in too.

Favorite Ink
Oct 27, 2021  |  By Sally G
Iron Throne has become my favorite ink. It flows smoothly and I can get super thin hairlines and super thick swells...without any railroading or breaking.

Nov 7, 2021  |  By Jackson
Peacock is the perfect shade of blue!

Nov 7, 2021  |  By Rosemary
I agree, Peacock is a fantastic color. It has become one of my favorite inks.

Fox and Quills Ink
Aug 3, 2022  |  By Betsy Smullen
Fox and Quills ink, whether the oak gall formula or pigmented formula, is so lovely to use. It is smooth and consistent for both pointed pen and broad nib pen and I never feel that I'm fighting the ink. Absolutely love it and now own five different colors. Will be adding a sixth soon!