Nicker Poster Colour 40ml

Item Code: S1022


S1022. Nicker Poster Colour 40ml

July 2022: We are out of the following colors: Blue Celeste, Blue Gray, Brilliant Rose, Compose Blue, Coral, Crimson Lake, Heliotrope, Indigo, Olive Green, Sap Green, Sepia, Snow White, and Turkey Green. We anticipate having more in stock from Japan by late August-early September 2022.

June 2022: New colors are here! Now available in 60 colors. Please note that the manufacturer has discontinued a number of colors, available colors are in the drop down menu.

Superior quality with finely ground pigment. Excellent for brush lettering and other brushwork. Recommended by John Stevens and used in his brush lettering classes. This professional-grade color is a totally different product from commonly available "poster paint."

Similar to gouache with dense pigment this ink can be thinned to be used with a dip pen. Mix and match to create any color needed!

Dries to a matte finish

NICKER poster colour is made with pure arabic gum as the binder. Compared to dextrin, which is normally used, you can feel a remarkable smooth spread. In addition, it can be used for various watercolor techniques with little side effects due to the manufacturing method with no excess additives. It is a versatile paint that can be used as both an opaque and transparent watercolor.

View Lightfastness, Bleeding and Opacity Informational Sheet: Nicker Poster Colour Info Chart

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