Zebra G Titanium Nib

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N153. Zebra G Titanium Nib.

This nib is an upgrade from the Zebra G (steel) nib (N118), which is made of chrome-plated steel. It has a titanium coating, which is said to have four times the endurance of the steel version. It is a bit less flexible.

Price breaks at 5 and 10 qty.

- Good nib for pointed pen scripts
- More durable (and more stiff) compared to the regular Zebra G
- In JNB G-Pen Nib Sampler (N205)
- Made in Japan
- Titanium-plated steel
- Stamped on nib: G / Zebra / Tokyo Japan
- Nib used in Zebra G Fountain Pens (FP154, FP155)

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Zebra Titanium
Mar 8, 2015  |  By Alesia Zorn
I LOVE the Zebra G Titanium Nibs. Last summer I had a job addressing 400 Stardream Metallic Pewter Envelopes. I went through a regular Zebra G about every 30 envelopes. Today I addressed 100 of the same envelopes with one Titanium nib, so this nib is worth the money in saved time and resources.

Excellent upgrade
Jun 5, 2015  |  By Jon
Though there is some debate on the matter, I find the titanium Zebra G to be a significant upgrade from the chrome version. It seems to last about twice as long, but even more importantly it feels more precisely crafted than the original (though that one, too, is extremely well-made). My lettering is sharper and more regular with this pen than any other modern variety I have tried.

Excellent for lefty beginners
Aug 16, 2015  |  By Laura
This nib is my absolute favorite for many modern calligraphy styles. It is rigid enough for beginners yet flexible enough - (maybe not capable of producing extra thick lines). As a lefty, I struggled with the angle and other nibs almost made me give up. This nib is extremely smooth on upstrokes and doesn't poke and rip the paper in thin upstrokes ( it almost feels as smooth as a ball point pen rather than a pointed tip!). I love using it in an oblique holder for best results with my writing angle and thanks to this nib I went from beginner to almost advanced level in a couple weeks. Highly recommended.

Love This Nib
Feb 20, 2020  |  By Kay Tracy
I got this w/the G Nib Sampler pack of 6. So glad I did! I needed a G nib for a class. I hadn't gotten the results I'd hoped w/the Nikko. This seems just a bit more flexible & I have better control- and, gold is more fun to look at.

Zebra G Titanium
Oct 19, 2021  |  By Cynthia
Some say this nib is stiffer than the regular Zebra G nib, but it does fine for me.

nice hairlines
Feb 8, 2022  |  By bob therrien
I've been using the same Nikko g nib for a while...and while taking a Spencerian class I bought the Zebra G to try...and wow! nice hairlines...it's a keeper...perhaps my Nikko nib was too old but what a difference....
Owner Response: All pointed nibs wear out with use from a variety of possible causes (from abrasion with the paper, degradation caused by the writing fluid, and fatigue from constant flexing). The Nikko G and Zebra G outlast most other nibs, but they too will need to be replaced with use.