Dual-Use Workshop Holder (Oblique + Straight)

Item Code: H129


H129. Dual Use Workshop Holder (Oblique + Straight)

This inexpensive holder serves as both a straight holder and an oblique holder! Just remove the flange to use as a straight holder. The brass oblique flange is tilted to decrease the angle of the nib to the paper, making your upstrokes less likely to catch on the paper. Perfect for workshops and beginners; we are happy to offer this exceptional holder at a very reasonable price.

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Beginner Option
Jun 22, 2020  |  By Kim
As a complete newbie to dip pens (and all things related to it) and a left-hander, I purchased this dual pen holder based on the recommendations from Younghae Chung (Logos Calligraphy) a left handed calligrapher, and Shinah Chang (Crooked Calligraphy). I'm 2 weeks into a beginner Copperplate Foundations course and the pen has not been super stressful to use - i also did not have to adjust the flange too much to get the desired angle. John Neal Booksellers is great and their customer service is awesome and prompt, the packaging was secure that when I finally opened my box in Trinidad nothing shifted.