Cheryl Tefft - Beginning Calligraphy I (Uncial) - Jan 12 - Apr 13

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Beginning Calligraphy I (Uncial) class
 With Cheryl Tefft

Live (Also recorded for later viewing)
 1/12/2023 - 4/13/2023
 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM Eastern

 If you are intrigued by beautiful letters and would love to be able to create them yourself, but you have little or no previous experience, this is absolutely the place to start! This class is the first in a series of four courses in calligraphy designed to take complete novices from terrified to terrific!

In this class you will learn the basic fundamentals essential to all current and future calligraphy studies, while learning to write in the uncial lettering style, which is one of the easiest styles of calligraphy to learn. We will cover all the basics, and you will even get to create your own fancy decorated letter! NO previous experience or good handwriting needed. Lefties welcome.

Cost: $200 (US$)

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Supply List:

Required items:

P21. 11×17” grid pad, for practice, non-bleeding, 8 squares/inch, at least 50 sheets; John Neal grid pad recommended 

FP67. Pilot Parallel Pen, 3.8 mm size (green cap)

FP70 or FP71. Ink cartridges for Parallel Pen, at least 6 cartridges, assorted colors, or colors of your choice which will show up on white paper

P09-50. Pad of Marker Layout paper or Layout Bond paper, 8½ x 11” or larger, or similar non-bleeding translucent paper suitable for tracing

S271. 18” metal ruler with cork backing 

S632. Protractor, Qty 1
 Envelopes, Qty 10
 S412 or S931. Painter's tape or artist’s tape, Qty 1 roll
 M17. Pigma Micron fine-point marker (black ink), size 01, or similar; Qty 1 or 2
 PA101. Samples of a variety of smooth “good” papers; Qty: 1 pack
 PS42, PS47, PA42, PS110, PA110, or PA26. Watercolor paper for projects – white or off-white, smooth and non-bleeding, medium to heavy weight, such as Arches Hot Press (90# or 140#), Stonehenge Hot Press, or Strathmore. Be sure to get Hot Press rather than Cold Press if the paper comes in both varieties. Qty: at least two large sheets OR one large sheet and at least 10 smaller sheets 
 BR26 or BR26-S4. Small round (pointed) brush suitable for watercolor, size 0 or smaller (size 000 suggested, if you only get one), such as Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold 101 brush(es); Qty: 1 
 S1032,--12A or 36 color set; or S994 or S1049 or S1050; *OR* GW100 or WNWC1 or WNWC2, *AND* S679 or S1094. *Non-metallic* watercolor paint in at least one deeper shade (jewel tone) of blue, green, purple, OR red. You can either (A) get a basic set of non-metallic watercolors (any type) (S1032,--12A or 36 color set; or S994 or S1049 or S1050),  OR (B) get one (or more) tube(s) of watercolor within the color options specified (GW100 or WNWC1 or WNWC2) *plus* a basic palette (S679 or S1094). Qty: 1 set of paint colors, OR 1 tube of paint plus 1 palette
 S1000. Coliro watercolor paint refill; Arabic Gold color (OK to get either as a refill or as part of a set), Qty 1 pan
 S999, S1016, or S1113. Storage box for Coliro paints, if you’re buying them outside of a set; Qty 1 or more as needed
 S1038. Burnisher/Stylus set; Qty 1
 E06. Precision eraser, such as Pentel Clic; Qty 1
 PL21. Pencil, Qty 1
 S1005. Basic container for rinse water, Qty 1
 S817. Paper towels; Qty 1 pack
 Standard letter-size lined (or gridded) school notebook, or similar (doesn't need to have any special kind of paper surface)
 Favorite materials for taking notes (*in addition* to the school notebook previously mentioned)
 *Optional*:  M21, M134, or M08-S5. Additional pen(s)/pencils(s)of your choice (suitable for drawing guidelines), in different colors, such as Pigma Micron markers, about size 01, OR Pilot G-Tec-4; Qty 2 or 3 
 *Optional*: 3-ring binder with page protectors for standard 8 ½ x 11” handouts, Qty 1 binder and 1 box page protectors
 *Optional*: Dedicated tote bag/briefcase (or similar) to keep all of your class supplies and papers together (note that your supplies will include an 11×17” pad of paper, so your bag needs to accommodate that)
 *Optional*: FP67. Pilot Parallel Pen, 2.4 mm size, Qty 1
 *Optional*: PS42, PS47, or PS110. Additional LARGE sheets of smooth, non-bleeding watercolor paper for projects (in addition to the papers on the “required” part of the list, you may want more or a different kind of paper for your projects, such as a large sheet of one of the other types of paper from the sample pack); Qty 1 or 2 sheets

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