Cheryl Tefft - Decorated Letter 1 - Aug 28 - Dec 4

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Live (Also recorded for later viewing)
8/28/23 - 12/4/23 (11 lessons)
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern
Class Cost: $505.00 USD
All Skill Levels

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Want to learn all sorts of fun, generally easy decorative techniques for enhancing calligraphy projects and creating beautiful artwork? You can start here! This is a “taste-tester&rdqu…

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Want to learn all sorts of fun, generally easy decorative techniques for enhancing calligraphy projects and creating beautiful artwork? You can start here! This is a “taste-tester” class, and you will learn at least one new technique each lesson, including drop shadows, borders, stand-alone ornaments, two-tone letters, double-stroke letters, leaf-and-vine designs, Lombardic capitals, Celtic knots, Sickels lettering style, traditional white vine...and more! PREREQUISITE: Any in-depth calligraphy class, the equivalent in independent study, OR a strong art background.

Decorated Letter 1
Cheryl Tefft
Live (Also recorded for later viewing)
8/28/23 - 12/4/23 (11 lessons)
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern
Class Cost: $505.00 USD
All Skill Levels

Registration Contact Email:
Supply List:

Note: This class requires minimal prior calligraphy knowledge. Most in-class calligraphy demonstration will be with Parallel Pens; students are welcome to use dip pens if they are already comfortable doing so. DP only: Applies only to students who will be using dip pens in this class PP = Parallel Pen(s)

S270 or S271. Ruler, 12” or 18” QTY 1   
S1005. Container for rinse water QTY 1 
S1013. Light pad QTY 1  
S632. Protractor QTY 1  
S412 or S931. Painter's tape or artist’s tape QTY 1 roll  

General supplies
E06. Eraser, Qty 1
Distilled water 
Paper towels
I84. Gum arabic, liquid, Qty 1 bottle
S1017. Small dropper bottles with watertight caps, Qty 2
S853. Jumbo Dinky Dips, Qty 2 sets (8 jars)
S1046. Clear tape, Qty 1 roll

*Optional*: S1626. Pen rest, Qty 1
*Optional*: S385. Rolling ruler, Qty 1
*Optional*: S1065. French curves, Qty 1
*Optional*: S925. Artist bridge, Qty 1
*Optional*: S1091, S679, S1108, S120-30, S747, S1127, or S1094. Palette with shallow wells for mixing colors, though you may find your large Dinky Dips sufficient as an alternative; Qty 1

Writing/drawing/embossing tools:
PL21. Pencil, Qty 1
M17. Pigma Micron fine-point markers (black ink), size 01, OR similar *waterproof* markers, Qty 2
M21.Pigma Micron fine-point marker in RED ink, size 02 or 01, Qty 1 M134. Pigma Micron PN in red ink, Qty 1
S1038. Excel Burnishing Set, Qty 1 (substitute for Kemper LARGE double-ball stylus)
FP67. Parallel Pens, Qty 1 each in 6.0 mm, 3.8 mm and 2.4 mm sizes
N04-S10A or other brand of your choice.

*DP only*: Broad-edge dip pen nibs, your choice of brand, in an assortment of sizes, Qty 1 set
H104, H111, H112, H113, H122, H138, H63, H77, or H78, or other brand of your choice.
*DP only*: Straight penholder of your choice, Qty 1

*Optional*: *DP only*: A few pointed nibs of your choice IF you already know how to use them. Qty 2. For example: -- N70. Brause EF66 -- N81. Hiro 40 -- N77. Hunt 101 -- N113. Nikko G -- N118. Zebra Comic G, and/or -- N120. Leonardt EF Principal
*Optional*: *DP only*: H133, H129, or H114. Oblique penholder of your choice if you customarily use one for script styles. Qty 1
*Optional*: Scroll nibs, either DP or PP style: -- DP only: Scroll nibs, dip pen style—there are several options here: (1) N11 or N11-S6. Mitchell brand scroll nibs, Qty 1 or more nibs (2) N27-SCROLL. Automatic (for larger letters) scroll pen, any size, Qty 1 -- PP: Scroll nibs, non-dip pen style—there are several options here:  (1) FP103 or FP103-D. Scroll nibs for Manuscript cartridge pen, Qty 1 (will also need Manuscript pen) (2) FP134 or FP134-S. Parallel Pens in scroll style, 3.8 or 6.0 mm size, Qty 1
*Optional but recommended*: N33. Ruling pen, Qty 1 (this style only)
*Optional*: PL28, PL29, PL05, or PL06. Colored pencils (regular OR watercolor pencils), a basic set of standard colors of your choice, Qty 1 set (or equivalent in single pencils)

S1000. Coliro (a.k.a. FineTec) watercolor paint refill; Arabic Gold color (OK to get either as a refill or as part of a set), Qty 1 pan

*Optional*: S999 or S1016. Storage box for Coliro paints if you’re buying them outside of a set, Qty 1
S2013, S1644, S3041, WNWC1, WNWC2, WNWC3, WNWC4, S609, S1032 (12-A or 36-color set), S808, GW100, FP107, S994, S1049 or S1050. Watercolors (translucent, NON-metallic, either pan or tube); if you get tube colors you may also need a basic palette (as listed under “general supplies”); Qty 1 set of assorted basic colors (or equivalent assortment of individual colors)
WNGDP-S, WNG-HC1, WNGPDP-S, WNG1, WNG2, WNG3 or WNG4. Winsor Newton NON-metallic gouache (you can substitute another brand of gouache if you prefer); Qty less than 1 tube of each color
Required gouache colors (all color names listed are from the Winsor Newton line): (1) a strong red (such as Primary Red or Alizarin Crimson) (2) a medium blue (such as Ultramarine or Primary Blue) (3) green (such as Permanent Green Deep, Winsor Green, or Viridian) (4) black (Jet Black suggested); and (5) white (Zinc White preferred). Optional gouache colors: (1) a strong purple (such as Brilliant Purple); and (2) brown (such as VanDyke Brown).
FP69 or FP70. Ink cartridges for Parallel Pen: at least one bright color you like in a medium-dark shade, plus black (you can substitute other types of suitable ink if you prefer); Qty 1 cartridge of each color
*Optional*: DP only: Any other inks you like to use besides gouache, such as walnut ink (S449), or Pelikan 4001 ink (I04); Qty 1 of smallest container
*Optional*: S1000. Additional colors of Coliro (a.k.a. FineTec) metallic watercolors, or other metallic inks/gouaches, Qty 1 pan, or as desired

BR26 or BR26-S4. Small round (pointed) watercolor brush, size 0 or a little smaller (a favorite size for what we will be doing is size 000, a.k.a. 3/0); you might find it helpful to have a range of sizes from 0 to 0000; Qty 1+
BR43. Small brushes for mixing and loading ink/paint; cheap rough-haired flat brushes about ¼" wide are ideal; Qty 4+ brushes

P21, P22, P56 or P55. Grid paper, at least 8½ x 11" in size, Qty 1 pad
PS42, PS47, PA42, PA110, PS110, PA26, PS01, PS01-PKT, PS01-FS, or PA03. Watercolor paper for projects – white or off-white, fairly smooth and non-bleeding, medium to heavy weight, such as Arches Hot Press (90# or 140#), Stonehenge, or Strathmore. For this class, Hot Press paper types are *generally* preferable to Cold Press or Rough Press, if available in different types. A favorite paper for strictly drawing/painting projects (which we will do a lot of in this class) is Arches Text Wove. Recommended to have several different types/weights of watercolor paper available; Qty: at least two large sheets or at least 20 smaller sheets (8×10” or larger)

*Optional*: Any other paper you like for calligraphy/art projects, perhaps in colors other than white or off-white, or papers with rougher or more interesting textures (such as cold-press or rough-press versions of other watercolor papers); Qty 1+ sheet. For example: -- PS61 or P121. Canson Mi-Teintes -- P84. Strathmore ArtAgain Assorted Color pad -- PS41 or PS48. Arches Cold Press -- PS05. Canson Ingres -- PS04 or PS108. Frankfurt -- PS112, PA112, or PA112-S. Stillman & Bern -- P58. Strathmore ArtAgain (black watercolor paper) -- P81. John Neal Deluxe Black Paper.
*Optional*: Any other practice paper you prefer, with guidelines added as appropriate; Qty, about 20 sheets
*Optional*: P09-50. Layout paper, 8-1/2 x 11 inches or larger, Qty 1 pad

Reference Books
B2787. The Bible of Illuminated Letters, by Margaret Morgan (*REQUIRED*), Qty 1

*Optional*: B368. Ames Compendium of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship, by Daniel T. Ames, Qty 1
*Optional*: B3780. Illuminating the Word: The Making of the Saint John’s Bible, by Christopher Calderhead, Qty 1
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